Prince Brown for Orange County School Board


When Prince Brown is elected to the Orange County School Board,  he  will prevent wasteful spending so more of our property tax money goes back into the classroom – Prince Brown’s lengthy public service record has always been based on integrity and trust.  “There cannot be trust without transparency, and that is exactly what he will bring to the School Board.”

Prince will have a profound laser focus on fiscal responsibility to:

  • Reduce wasteful spending of Capital Outlay Budget dollars i.e., portable leasing -$36M 
  • Ensure all state laws and regulations as well as OCPS board policies and procedures are followed.
  • Make sure that my attention, funding streams and staff trainings are equally distributed in all district schools.
  • Only use allocated funding for constructing updated educational facilites that takes into account the explosive growth central Florida is experiencing. 
  • Review Capital Improvement Millage fund reports before allocating funds to projects that are wasteful programs.




Orange county residents voted for a 10 year half-cent tax for “Class Size Reduction”. The state legislature allocated in the 2019-2020 budget to the district $145M to alleviate this problem.  However, because of the teacher shortage resultant of low pay and excessive work hours; classrooms remain overflowing. This puts more stress on the already overworked teaching professionals. 

As a former classroom educator and husband to a current educator, Prince Brown understands the number of hours spent on nights, weekends, holidays and summer- preparing and grading student’s assignments.  These hours are not calculated into a teacher’s annual pay but are a necessary evil to fulfill expectations from all levels of administration.  Prince Brown will work:

  • To stop pointless meetings that interupt planning periods and lunch breaks
  • To reduce the amount of forms teachers are required to fill out
  • To provide a translation service for lesson plans of teachers with ESOL students
  • To provide media and classroom resources to better aid instructional efforts.
  • To minimize state mandated “teaching for the test” and allow teachers to teach.
  • To provide fair platform for pay negotiations and fringe benefits.



Lack of availability of Mental Health/Behavioral Health counselors is a leading cause of violence in school settings. Orange County Public Schools has received more than $4M in mental health funding. Prince Brown’s strong public health background and experience would allow him to have an immediate impact into how these funds would be allocated.  

The threat of an unsafe learning environment comes in many forms. Prince Brown is certified by the federal government and state of Florida as an Emergency Response Team coordinator and Disaster Preparedness Advisor. As a U.S Naval Officer and combat veteran, Prince has first hand knowledge and experience on providing security and alleviating outside threats. Prince Brown will:

  • Work closely with ALL Law Enforcement agencies to devise Proactive -not- Reactive Plans.
  • Allocate funding to provide the most secure environment for all employees and students.
  • Seek additional funding for Behavioral Health and Substance Abuse from multiple resources.
  • Allocate “equally” funding for the establishment of Mental Health counselors office space at all middle and high schools. 

“Unfortunately, the $5 billion+ allocated to the Orange County School Board are not being equally allocated among the schools.  This obvious disparity is cause for concern.  All resources should go towards the goal of Saftey and Success of ALL faculty, students and support employees in the schools district.” – Prince Brown 



Retain revenues in Orange County and Honor the business owners of our own and adjacent counties by utilizing locally owned businesses.  Locally owned businesses create communities that are more prosperous, entrepreneurial,  and connected.  Money spent in locally owned businesses keeps money in the county.  Decreased revenue in our county directly decreases funding in schools.  



As a Leadership Orlando graduate and Chamber of Commerce member Prince Brown is 100% Pro Business and Jobs… Prince will:




  • Strengthen local business ties with contractors, small business entrepeneurs and diverse work groups seeking opportunities to grow.
  • work closely with area Chamber of Commerce and business leadership individuals create alternate avenues of success for high school graduates.
  • Establish apprenticeship positions  and marketable certifications for students.
  • Pursuit alliances with large  and small area “corporate” employers to guarantee employment to  graduates with a specified set of credentials. 
  • Work with county officials to alleviate “bottle neck” traffic through housing communities and address alternate ideology for car-lines at our schools.Too  Much Traffic
“I will not sacrifice West Orange County homeowners and taxpayers to high density development for profit that will harm our quality of life. I am a native Orange County resident and have experienced first-hand how out of control growth leads to lower home values, overcrowded classrooms, congested roads and higher taxes”  - Prince Brown
Candidate for Orange County School Board, Dist.4