Prince Brown for Orange County School Board





Secretary of Defense William Cohen congratulates Lieutenant Prince Brown after he led a daring search & recovery mission of a classified briefcase and 143 bodies resulting from the tragic crash of Gulf Air Flight 072 in foreign territory.

“...your professional efforts have earned tremendous praise from the highest level...”             -Vice Admiral, C.W. Moore, Jr



Consistent Pattern of Responsible Choices


Trusted Professional

Past & Present Affiliations

  • United States Naval Officer
  • United States Public Health Service Officer
  • UF & USF Graduate
  • Florida Disaster Preparedness Officer
  • Sworn Federal Investigator & Analyst
  • College Professor & OCPS Administrator

Professional & Civic

Past & Present Affiliations

  • Leadership Orlando Graduate
  • Political Leadership Orlando Graduate
  • Orlando Regional Chamber of Commerce
  • U.S Chamber of Commerce


3rd Generation Orange County Resident

& former Educator

Prince is an Orlando native with a family history of public service and commitment to education. Prince lives in Horizon West with his wife of 24 years who is an Orange County Public School’s Teacher. Their three children are all students enrolled in Orange County Public Schools located in District 4.  


“Absolutely everything the Orange County School Board does should be an investment that is ‘laser focused’ on giving the students of Orange County the very best opportunities for success...”
- Prince Brown
Candidate for Orange County School Board, Dist.4

...1 way we can invest in our children:

Reward high performing teachers with competitive pay and retention packages that will attract & keep the brightest educators.










To this generation of students and generations to come is to keep the American Dream alive.  In the face of extreme partisan ideologies, I believe that it’s time to exchange political correctness for True Leadership.  Our kids deserve better and my campaign is about boldly restoring the dreams and values the American people of our community hold dear.



for Orange County School Board, Dist4